Pure Sports with Geoff Bloom

Geoff Bloom brings his passion for sports to listeners across the Coachella Valley. After graduating from Illinois State University, Geoff started a career in health club management in Peoria, IL and moved to Phoenix, AZ where he ran several different health clubs.

Geoff moved to the California desert in 2009 after marrying his wife, Julie. A fantasy baseball purist, he got his start in the radio business with a weekly fantasy baseball segment on a local show. His role grew to include co-hosting and media sales. In July of 2015, he started his own show – Pure Sports with Geoff Bloom on 102.7 The Fanatic. Geoff alongside his co-host broadcast Monday to Friday from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. His infectious style and passion offer listeners an interactive and entertaining sports talk show experience.

Geoff is a sports nut and loves all things baseball, especially the Chicago Cubs.